As a proud member of the Small Luxury Hotels Group, Hotel Claris distinguishes itself with excellent service, outstanding design, and an authentic atmosphere.

My stay at Hotel Claris was more than just an overnight stay; it was an opportunity to undertake an exciting hotel photography project. The fusion of contemporary design and artistic elements, particularly the impressive Egyptian art within the hotel, provided a captivating backdrop for my photographs.

The rooftop terrace with views of Barcelona’s skyline and the pool, surrounded by Mediterranean plants, were ideal subjects for my hotel photography. The attention to detail in the rooms and suites of the hotel is reflected in every shot.

Hotel-Fotografie Barcelona
Hotel-Fotografie Barcelona
Hotel-Fotografie in Barcelona Small Luxury Hotel

The Hotel Claris in Barcelona offers more than just accommodation; it provides a sensory experience immersed in the charm of Barcelona. The hotel stands out through contemporary design, historical heritage, and artistic elements. My hotel photography project at Hotel Claris allowed me to capture these unique features within the Small Luxury Hotel.

My photographs aim not only to capture the physical features of a hotel but also to convey the atmosphere and authenticity that make it a distinctive place. I strive to stage emotions and give the viewer the sensation of being a part of the hotel’s narrative.

Sunnylifemoments is not just a service provider for hotel photography but a partner on your journey to showcase the uniqueness of your hotel. We believe that photography captures not only images but also moments and emotions that inspire guests to become a part of your story.

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