I love the positive in life and put that in the camera focus. Photography is my expression of my sunny world view. With my very own touch of photography, I want to put a smile on other people’s faces and enable you to see the beauty of life. I want to enchant you with my photos and let you immerse yourself in the moment. Unique moments can be found in our wonderful nature, in people’s emotions, in vibrant cities, in retreats and special cuisine. It’s creativity that drives me. The power of nature that inspires me. A single smile that motivates me. I capture special moments with my own interpretation of photography and with passion. Convince yourself of my “sunny life moments” and connect with my eye for the essentials in my shooting with food, in hotels, with people or babies. It’s the uniqueness of the moments that I want to capture for you.





Photography is super inspiring and motivating for me. I love looking at the moment from my own point of view. Photography gives me energy and opens my eyes to the small details in life. I need to express my creative streak. It all started with photography in Munich. It was all about the short walks on the Isar, in the city and on lakes that sparked my passion for photography. Numerous photo courses, books and online courses followed. Perfection is what drives me. I use every opportunity to put my pictures in the best light. Sharpness, blurring, motif design and new perspectives – all this is part of the perfect moment. Immerse yourself in moments in vibrant cities or in the silence of nature. Places where I recharge my batteries and inspiration!

You like my style and my special view of the moments? Of course, I am also at your side for capturing your perfect moments. Are you looking for a photographer with a lot of passion? I like to inspire you with my creativity. Let me focus on what matters while you enjoy the moment. I want to inspire, delight and enchant you and your guests with my photos! Feel free to contact me for your individual requests.